Welcome to another exciting weekend! We trust that you had a productive week and now you are ready to reward yourself with a round(s) of golf? Where will you be playing?

Every Saturday we showcase a new destination in our series on International golf travel destinations. See our previous postings below:

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Find out about Malaysia , Truly Asia!

Discover the pacific paradise of Fiji

Experience the fire and ice of Iceland

and embrace the culture, wine and golf in Argentina

As per last week, today we are going to offer you a teaser of our next destination and a provide a comprehensive showcase tomorrow as part of our regular "Sunday reading" blog listing.  So where in the world is this beautifully picturesque scene? (Hint: It's not in the Pacific)

A golfing paradise waiting for you.......

A golfing paradise waiting for you.......

Check in tomorrow to find out more and be excited about our next wonderful international golf destination!