TGIF! Thank Golf It's Friday!

What a great week it has been! Have you signed up for our Malaysia Golf Tour Experience night? Contact us now if you are interested in attending. Excellent value at an affordable price.

Here is this week's PGNZ Par 5 Quiz. (All answers can be find in our blog and on our website).

Tee off: On which of our premium tours can you play and stay at the finest of New Zealand's luxury golf properties?

Middle of the fairway: How many golf courses does New Zealand have?

(Alternative Albatross Shot): Name three of New Zealand's best marquee golf courses.

Approach Shot: What is the nation of Iceland known as - the land of ice and ................?

(Alternative Eagle Shot) Which Asian country do we offer a new premium golf tour to?

Birdie Putt: What exciting PGNZ event is happening on September 16th?

Par Save: Where is the above mentioned event being held?

Think you got them all right? Contact us via our contact page and we'll be in touch if you've got them right! Good luck!