Welcome to another weekend! Have you been following all the action at the McKayson New Zealand Women's Open?

Another great event is also happening this weekend, across the Pacific Ocean in the US - the Presidents Cup at Liberty National Golf Club. A great spectacle of golfing talent from the US and the rest of the world.

Every Saturday, we showcase a new destination in our series of eighteen different international golf travel destinations.

Explore the vast continent of Australia 

Find out about Malaysia , Truly Asia!

Discover the pacific paradise of Fiji

Experience the fire and ice of Iceland

Embrace the culture, wine and golf in Argentina

Relax in style in Mauritius

and marvel at everything in Mexico.

Do you know which country the picture of the golf course below is in?

Where is this stunning golf course in the world?

Where is this stunning golf course in the world?

Tomorrow, as part of our regular Sunday Reading & Golf Travel blog post, we will share more about this beautiful sunny destination. In the meantime, enjoy the third round of the women's open at Windross Farm!