How is your week progressing? Are you scoring "eagles" and "birdies" or is it  just another par week? Perhaps you are in need of some inspiration.

Another glorious summer here in New Zealand is only a few months away now and a number of clients are either booking or confirming their tours for upcoming visits to New Zealand. Make sure to book your premium golf tour as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Many places have limited availability during the months from November through to March.

Perhaps you have already visited our beautiful islands and golf courses and now in search of other golf experiences. Or perhaps you are a kiwi golfer keen to play golf in another country.

Here at PGNZ we offer a number of premium golf tours around the world including to the US Masters and the Open. However we are not limited to tours to the traditional golfing destinations, we also offer and organise tours to places right around the world.

Consider a tour where you will play golf at the 18 best golf courses in 18 different countries while staying in luxury accommodation and flying between countries in a private jet. If your spouse or partner does not play golf, then a number of activities can be arranged as part of this tour. These sort of tours are the greatest way for couples to go on a once-in-a-lifetime tours around the world and let you both enjoy everything on offer. Keen for some more information? Enquire now via our contact page.

All countries around the world have noticeable geographic features such as majestic towering mountains. New Zealand is no exception!!

Terrace Downs in the foothills of New Zealand's southern alps

Terrace Downs in the foothills of New Zealand's southern alps

Imagine taking yourself on a tour playing golf under the following mountains:

Playing at the 9 hole Black Diamond golf course in Alaska at the Black Diamond Resort with views of Mt Denali and a moose passing you by!

Playing at the beautiful Kilimanjaro Golf and Wildlife Estate with the famous snows of Mt Kilimanjaro in the distance.

Playing at the southern most golf course in the world surrounded by impressive Argentinian Patagonia mountains

Playing at 10000 feet in the mountains of Peru at the La Paz Golf Club.

Would you like a bucket list type tour of all these golf courses and more? What about playing the ten longest golf courses in the world? Or playing the top ten shortest golf courses in the top ten smallest countries. Or perhaps playing golf in countries that begin with the letter "G". Golf in Germany, Georgia, Greece and Ghana anyone? As a golf tour agency, it is our mission to organise premium golf tours for all our clients to New Zealand and around the world. 

Enquire now to begin planning your very own special premium golf tour around the world. Only you can create the greatest golf trip memories of all time. We will help you get to them!