Welcome to another glorious weekend! If you are in Auckland - have you played any of the following courses - Titirangi, Wainui, Windross Farm or Gulf Harbour? Interested in a day tour to one of these exciting marquee golf courses including a helicopter ride, lunch and a golf travel goodies bag - contact us now!

As it is Saturday we are now into Blog Post #4 of our new PGNZ International Golf Destinations series. Previously we showcased

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Today we are going to the other side of the world to the land of fire and ice - the amazingly popular travel destination of Iceland!

Iceland, located in the North Atlantic Ocean, is a geological marvel and creation of million year old underground tectonic movements. It is a living breathing manifestation of the power of mother nature and its many extraordinary landscapes give rise to breathtaking scenery both on land and in the sea.

Volcanoes and volcanic eruptions are common place amongst the extraordinary valleys and snow capped mountains. Glaciers give sparkle to the land and crystal clear lakes and rivers run across the country.

Sparsely populated, Iceland has many golf courses that are located and situated in extraordinary and visually dramatic natural settings. You can even play under the "midnight sun" in the the Arctic Open! Some courses are found on the plains, others in the crater of an extinct volcano, others on the coast in dramatic "volcanic links" style layouts or even in a hot geothermal springs area. Wherever you play, you are in treat for a very unique golfing experience.

Arrive in Iceland on day one of your premium Iceland golf tour and you will begin your stay at either a luxury 5 star hotel such as the Apotek Hotel, the Hilton Reykjavik or the Reykjavik Marina Residence. From here you will experience several days of epic golf rounds at local courses such as the Keilir Golf Course

Kidjaberg Golf Course.jpg
Keilir Golf Course

Keilir Golf Course

Spend several days in scenic helicopter rides with packed lunches enjoying heligolfing at stunning golf courses such as Geysir Golf Course or Kidjaberg Golf Course. Include on these trips the opportunity to visiting some of Iceland's most dynamic landscapes and scenery in the central plateau area.

Iceland caters for all levels and desires of travelers and a golfing trip to Iceland is sure to delight, amaze, surprise and fascinate.

Geysir Golf Course

Geysir Golf Course