TGIF! Thank Golf It's Friday!

Well, it's another Friday and the year really does seem to be flying by!

Are you planning your next trip to the 2018 US Masters or the British Open? We have tours that cater for your very own particular golf travel needs and desired experiences, whether it is just 3 days (Sunday at the Masters anyone?) or a whole 14 - 21 day premium country tour!

Here is this week's PGNZ Par 5 Quiz. All answers can be found reading through our blog and on our website.

Tee shot: Which Asian country did we showcase last Saturday?

Middle of the fairway: What is the name of Europe's most famous river where we offer a luxury cruise and golf tour?

(Alternative Albatross Shot:) In which country would you find the Paneti golf resort?

Approach Shot: When is Father's Day this year? Have you got him a present yet?

(Alternative Eagle Shot:) Where is this year's PGA Championship being played?

Birdie Putt: Who won last year's PGA Championship?

Par Save: Where is New Zealand's premier golfing destination?

Kauri Cliffs

Kauri Cliffs