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Are you considering a golf tour, whether it is to our beautiful islands here in New Zealand or another destination around the world? Check out our New Zealand golf tours page here and our World tours page here.

According to the (United Nations World Tourism Organisation) UNWTO, more than 1 billion people are now travelling per year. A growing percentage of these travelers are golfers who are seeking the opportunity to play golf in a number of destinations. Spain for example is a popular destination for European golfers as it is close to home, provides excellent weather, superb golf courses, excellent accommodation and delectable food and wine.

While the main driver of golf tours is still primarily to play golf and to see tournaments such as the Open or the US Masters, there is also a desire for golfers to have unique travel experiences. Often we see our clients wanting to incorporate a local experience such as winery visit or fly fishing or a cultural experience. This way they can maximise their time in a country that might be considered a long flight time away.

When we talk about unique experiences, New Zealand offers many golf courses that are in unique settings such as along cliff tops or in geothermal areas or incredible alpine links style settings. These dramatic landscapes all add to the wow factor and help traveling golfers to appreciate the true magic of New Zealand. Combine that with the finest luxury accommodation, food and wine plus some local tourist experiences, then one's time spent on a premium golf tour to New Zealand is well worth the time and money.

Why do you travel and where would you like to play golf?

Beautiful clear skies, tremendous golf courses and unique experiences

Beautiful clear skies, tremendous golf courses and unique experiences