The weekend is here! Are you watching the RBC Canadian Open at Glen Abbey Golf Course in Oakville, Ontario? If you appreciate dramatic landscapes, towering mountain ranges, wild open expanses, brown bears and green for as far you can see, then Canada is a great destination for golf travel.

Whistler Golf Club in British Columbia

Whistler Golf Club in British Columbia

In the future we will be showcasing Canada as a golf destination, but today we start our first post in our new series of International Golf Travel Destinations with a different country.

Which country is famous for kangaroos, koalas, the iconic Sydney Opera house, the Great Barrier Reef and incredible golf courses such as Barnbougle, Cape Wickham, Hamilton Golf Club and the Royal Melbourne Club?

Yes, you're right! It is indeed Australia, that large continent in between the Indian and Pacific oceans. A continent brimming full of sumptious golfing delights, unique experiences, luxurious accommodation and world class wine and cuisine. Australia is your next choice for an International premium golf tour.

When considering Australia for your next golf tour, it is best to choose one of the six different states and two territories so that you can focus on the many wonderful golfing treats found throughout all of those regions.

If you are looking for sun, fun and golf then the Gold Coast in Queensland is your ticket.

If you are looking for wine, culture and golf then Victoria is your premium destination!

If you are looking for history, Opera and golf then New South Wales will be singing your praises!

If you desire government, national buildings and golf then the Australian Capital Territory has your vote!

If you are looking for whisky, exclusivity and golf then Tasmania is your hideaway.

If you need dramatic vistas, escapism and adventure then remote Northeast Queensland is your next golf tour!

If you are interested in museums, galleries, churches and golf, then South Australia is where you will be headed.

Australia as a golf destination caters for all types and levels of golfers. Book your premium international golf tour to Australia today!

Hamilton Golf Club

Hamilton Golf Club

This blog post is #1 in our new series of international golf destinations.