Wednesday is here and we're onto the back "three" headed for the weekend! Which part of New Zealand will we be showcasing on Saturday as part of our collection of luxury golf weekend getaways? See our selection here.

Are you considering or planning your golf tour to New Zealand? If you are intending on coming during the busy tourist season at the end of the year, it is best to book early to ensure that you won't miss out. We offer a number of tours around the country which you can view here.

Every tour or trip to a new country is a new experience that is often filled with excitement and new discoveries. In terms of excitement, do you actively plan for it or do you wait for it to appear? In order to enjoy and make the most of your time, it is important that you are doing the things you want to do and here at PGNZ we like to work with our clients to customise their tours to allow them to gain the maximum amount of excitement and enjoyment.

Recently we organised an epic 6 week tour for one of our clients who wished to see the natural beauty of New Zealand while playing golf. Read her testimonial here. Working with her to understand what she wanted and enjoyed the most helped us to put together a comprehensive itinerary that saw her play golf on 18 spectacular golf courses around the country.

If you are after an epic golf travel journey that is full of excitement, enjoyment and new discoveries, contact us now to start planning.

The road to new golf courses, new experiences and discoveries.

The road to new golf courses, new experiences and discoveries.