Are you considering a golf tour to New Zealand?

Perhaps the first question on your mind would be - why New Zealand? After Scotland, New Zealand comes in at a very close second with having the most golf courses per capita. That means wherever you travel within New Zealand, you will find a golf course! 

New Zealand is a discerning golf travelers dream destination. From world ranked marquee golf courses that are located in beautiful settings to awe inspiring world ranked luxury lodges and supreme accommodation, a tour package to New Zealand will cater for all your golfing and travel whims and desires.

Here at PGNZ we offer four standard New Zealand Golf Tours - read more and book your premium golf tour here. 

We work with our clients to curate bespoke itineraries that will excite you and leave you with excellent memories. Feel free to read through our testimonials page to see how our clients have found their premium golf tours.

If you are residing in New Zealand and looking for something different, see our collection of weekend golf packages here. Our next showcase will be this Saturday.

Beautiful New Zealand golf course

Beautiful New Zealand golf course