Welcome to another week! Where you be playing golf this week?

In previous blog posts, we have looked at different aspects of the Premium Golf Travel Lifestyle. Today we want to look how combining other desirable activities can enhance a luxury golf tour of New Zealand.

Are you a golfer who also has a love of art? As part of a tour here, we can arrange visits to local and famous art installations or galleries. Every year, festivals and celebrations of art are held throughout the country and this would be an excellent time for the art loving golf traveler to visit New Zealand.

Is wine your passion combined with an equally strong passion for golf? New Zealand is a leading wine producer and all our tours allow for winery visits and winetasting.

Do you appreciate the finest in luxury accommodation and the finest in service? New Zealand has an excellent selection of world ranked luxury lodges that provide only the best for the discerning golf traveller?

Are you more or an adventurous golf traveler. Combine a trip to the remote Chatham Islands located 650 kilometres east of Christchurch. These islands, while sparsely populated, are beautiful and the perfect place for that sense of escapism. There is of course like everywhere in New Zealand, a golf course!

Talk to us today about a unique bespoke golf tour package to New Zealand that combines golf with activities that you want to see and do.