The golfing world is turning its focus this week to Erin Hills where the 2017 US Open will take place. Erin Hills is a fascinating course, with an equally fascinating history both in terms of its geography and its human interactions that have lead to its current form.

View a hole by hole fly over at the official Erin Hills Youtube channel

We have already started planning a trip there for next year. Register your interest via our contact page.

Below are 9 travel thoughts for this week.

1st Hole: Where is New Zealand's equivalent golf course to Erin Hills?

2nd Hole: If traveling overseas, what golf travel bag do you use?

3rd Hole: Which of the four Majors tournaments would you like to attend and in what order?

4th Hole: What are the best elements of world class golf courses?

5th Hole: Who will be the US Open Champion in 2017?

6th Hole: Name 6 of New Zealand's world ranked golf courses.

7th Hole: What is the longest and shortest courses that you have played on?

8th Hole: Can you think of your favourite 8th hole and why is it your favourite?

9th Hole: Have you booked your premium golf tour yet?