Two days to go until the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass. Many of the world's current top golf players will be at this event and we are looking forward to four days of excellent tournament viewing.

Next year as part of our US Masters tour, we will be visiting TPC Sawgrass on our way to Augusta. Contact us now to book your tour and play this iconic course.

In previous posts we have talked about golf travel personalities and aspects of the Premium Golf Travel Lifestyle. 

For many golfers, the desire is to travel around the world viewing and attend major tournaments, to see the world's best players and enjoying the live experience of a high performance sporting event. Here at PGNZ we strive to make sure you, the golfing traveler, have these opportunities.

From these opportunities comes experiences and from the experiences comes lifelong golf travel memories.

Enjoy your Tuesday and share your golf travel thoughts with us.