New Zealand golf scene

New Zealand golf scene

Greetings to all golfers wherever you may be in the world!

Have you been playing golf this weekend? 

As always it has been a busy week for us at the PGNZ blog.

On Monday we shared a brief post about the luxurious nature and experiences one can have on a PGNZ golf tour.

On Tuesday we talked a bit more in depth about the passion aspect of the Premium Golf Travel Lifestyle.

On Wednesday we shared four photos of different marquee courses in the North Island. Were you able to name them all?

On Thursday we talked about Premium Golf Tours in New Zealand.

Friday was our "Friday Par 5" post

On Saturday we showcased Wellington as our next Golf Weekend getaway.

Are you keen to experience New Zealand on a unique and bespoke golf tour? Here at PGNZ we offer tours that allow you to experience, marvel, enjoy, relax and savor while playing golf on some of the best courses in the world.

For today's Sunday reading we encourage to read through our New Zealand tours page and our four standard packages that can be customised to meet your needs and desires.