Let's start off with a question - What is the definition of a golf vacation? Do you go on holiday to play golf the entire time or do you go on vacation to relax and play a couple of rounds of golf at courses close to your hotel?

Here in New Zealand we cater for all types of vacationing golfers. Last month we talked about different types of golf traveler personalities. We will revisit them today. 

Terrace Downs

Terrace Downs

1.) The open minded golf traveler is the sort of golfer who will appreciate being on a golf course wherever it may be or whatever ranking it may have. Coming to New Zealand you could happily play at the 16th best golf course in the world, a dramatic 9 hole island course, in the middle of a geothermal area, one of the oldest courses in the country or in a stunningly beautiful alpine region!

2.) The discerning golf traveler is after style, comfort and exclusivity. You will find them staying and playing golf at New Zealand's exclusive marquee golf courses. Here are a couple of the most popular:

The Kinloch Club

The Kinloch Club

Kauri Cliffs

The Kinloch Club

Cape Kidnappers

Jacks Point


The Hills



3.) The goal orientated traveller has a predetermined list of New Zealand courses and is determined to play them before boarding a plane and flying back to where they came from. This sort of traveler will most likely be headed for the list above.

They might include courses such as Titirangi, New Zealand's only Dr Alistair McKenzie designed course or Clearwater Golf in Christchurch, named best course in New Zealand and Oceania at the 2016 World Golf Awards.

4.) The "golf and other stuff" traveler when they come to New Zealand will include the following activities in their tour

Marlborough Vineyards

Marlborough Vineyards

- scenic boat or harbour cruises

- fishing - trout, salmon or deep sea fishing

- winery visits in many of New Zealand's distinct wine regions

- heliskiing, skiing or snowboarding

- helicopter scenic rides to active volcanoes!



5.) The adventurous golf traveler wants extreme golfing experiences and we would most likely find them on the following golf courses:

A unique geothermal golfing experience in Rotorua

Remote Island golfing on The Chatham Islands

A six hole golf course at the bottom of the world on Stewart Island

Or they might be trying out the ever increasing popular sport of discgolf.


Whatever type of golfing vacationer you are, we can cater for all your needs and desires so contact us today to start booking your premium golf tour to New Zealand.