Windross Farm

Windross Farm

It's time for our "Tuesday Travel Thoughts".

Last month we introduced five key aspects of the Premium Golf Travel Lifestyle. Today we want to focus on the first one: Passion for Golf.

If you are reading this, you will undoubtedly be one of the world's many golfers. You may have only played for a few years or you may have played since you were a kid or perhaps you are a professional and you play everyday!

We are all passionate about the game and where it is played around the world. We are passionate about playing at our home club and on great courses elsewhere and we are passionate about playing golf with our family and friends. We are passionate about having the right equipment and  trying out new golf gear to suit our tastes and desires. We are passionate about following the careers of the great players and also the up and coming ones.

We are all passionate about golf in different ways.

This passion helps to drive our desire for the Premium Golf Travel Lifestyle. We want to experience fantastic and exclusive courses around the world such as Kauri Cliffs and Cape Kidnappers, because they offer memorable experiences that are hard to find anywhere else. These marquee courses also offer luxurious accommodation and wonderful on-site activities such as a spa retreat, wine tastings, private picnics and gourmet barbecues. In fact they cater for whatever luxury whim you may have.

Here at PGNZ part of our philosophy is about ensuring you, the traveling golfer, has the opportunity to experience these unique courses and luxury lodges and to marvel, enjoy and relax in them.

Are you a passionate golf traveller? Contact us today to start organising your premium golf tour.