Do you deserve a holiday? Are you considering a vacation? Are you looking for new unique experiences to enhance your golfing life and golfing wellbeing?

We organise premium golf tours in New Zealand that cater for individual needs and desires. By customising these tours, your time here becomes highly enjoyable and memorable.

New Zealand has a number of unique golf courses such as the following two

- Wairakei Golf & Sanctuary located in Taupo is a golf course located within a wildlife sanctuary where golf and nature exist in harmony

Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary 1st Hole

Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary 1st Hole

- Arikikapakapa Rotorua Golf Club is a unique geothermal golfing experience in Rotorua

You can combine unique golf courses on your premium golf tour with a number of other unique attractions in New Zealand such as

- a Maori Cultural Performance

- Scenic Bike Riding through the Redwoods of Rotorua or the Otago Rail Trail

- Bluff Oyster Festival in Invercargill

Whatever you want to experience and invigorate your senses, New Zealand is one of those popular destinations that allows you to do just that.

Enjoy your Thursday and only one more day until we showcase our next Weekend Golf Getaway.