Have you been watching the first round of the Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass? So many of the world's most elite golf players on show.  Tremendous golf viewing!

Part of our premium 14 day southern US Masters tour in April next year includes a stop at TPC Sawgrass if you wish to experience this great course.

Last month we introduced aspects of the Premium Golf Travel Lifestyle and looked at the passion that we all have for golf.

Today we will briefly look at another aspect and that is the desire to play golf in different countries around the world. Every country, including those closed off to the world, has a golf course and so wherever one decides to travel to, there is the opportunity to play. 

What are some of the motivations that drive that desire for golf travel?

Playing the top 100 courses in the world allows for luxury and memorable experiences but also for some golf travelers, having the opportunity to tick off all 100 is what drives them.

Travel is a way to broaden the mind and develop a new understanding of new places, people and culture. What better way to do that than through golf travel?

For some of us, the opportunity to play where the Pros play is a major driver of golf travel. 

All golf travelers have their reasons for golf travel but one thing that unites them is that desire. 

Enjoy the rest of the week and on Saturday we will be showcasing another region of New Zealand for our weekly Golf Weekend getaway series.