Another Sunday here in New Zealand rolls by, but that also means that the third round of the 2017 US Masters has been completed! Have you been watching? The drama, the excitement and the "anything-could-happen" type nature of golf makes for great viewing. Who will win? We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.  

We can't wait to be there next year on our PGNZ US Masters Tour!

This past week in our blog we have been looking at the following:

  1. Weekend golf excursions
  2. New Zealand golf and wine tours
  3. Reasons for golf travel
  4. Where around the world you can play golf
  5. Playing golf in New Zealand

Do you notice any common themes? Golf is such a good reason to travel because there is so much choice all around the world. Today's reading comes from the R&A and their Golf Around the World report from 2015. The game of golf is expanding and developing in all four corners of the globe which highlights the demand for golf travel.

Cape Kidnappers, one of New Zealand's most famous marquee golf courses gets a mention and a picture in the report. 

With unique cultures, people, landscapes and experiences, a myriad of countries on different continents offer quality premium golf experiences. It is our mission to help you, the golfing traveler, visit the finest selection around the world and to be able to savor memorable golf travel experiences.

Recently, while helping some of our outbound New Zealand golfing clients, we have been looking at the TPC network of golf courses in the US which are PGA tour approved destinations. Check out the map of the courses here.

One that did stand out for us, and probably because it is a bit closer to home (New Zealand) was TPC Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

Watching the video below, its hard to not get excited about the possibility of visiting there. Would you like to play there? Would you like to go with your fellow golfing friends of family? Would you like to experience something new? Contact us now to discuss a tour to Malaysia. 

Happy Sunday golfing, reading and thinking about worldwide golf travel! The world is your tee box!