We've made it to the end of the week! The weekend and our next golf weekend getaway showcase is just around the corner!

The Par  4 9th Hole at Wainui Golf Club

The Par  4 9th Hole at Wainui Golf Club

Here is a little "9 hole" Friday fun for you in the form of a quiz. The answers can be found reading through our blog.

1.) In which New Zealand town was the 2017 ISPS Handa New Zealand Golf Open held?

2.) Which two golf courses hosted the above tournament?

3.) Who won the 2017 US Masters tournament?

4.) According to Golf Digest, which New Zealand golf course is ranked in the top 25 of the world's top 100 golf courses?

5.) What is the name of the sister course , located in Northland, to the answer of question #4?

6.) Which is the most southern golf course in the world and which country is it located in?

7.) What are the names of PGNZ's four standard tour packages?

8.) What does Wainui mean?

9.) How many golf courses are there in New Zealand?

Do you think you got them all correct. Contact us now via our contact page and tell us your answers.