In a previous blog posting we asked our readers to consider what sort of "golf travel personality" they carry around with them on their travels. Here is a recap:

  • The open-minded golf traveler
  • The discerning golf traveler
  • The goal orientated golf traveler
  • The golf with other stuff type traveler
  • The adventurous golf traveler

Which one are you? Perhaps you're a combination of two or more?

Do you prefer a cart or to walk the course?

Do you prefer a cart or to walk the course?

The one thing in common though is that all golf travelers are traveling somewhere to play golf!

We have a number of upcoming tours that are a perfect reason to embark on some golf travel.

Upcoming in New Zealand, as we have mentioned in previous postings, are the following tournaments which could be included as part of your "once-in-a-lifetime" golf tour to New Zealand

Perhaps you are the more adventurous type of golfer. How about attending or playing in the following tournaments or organising a group to play a round at some of the world's most unique and fascinating golf courses?!

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