¡Felicitaciones! Congratulations to Sergio Garcia for his tremendous win at the US Masters yesterday! He thoroughly deserves it and so fitting that it happened on what would have been the sixtieth birthday of the great Seve Ballesteros! A special day for Spanish golf!

Last week on Tuesday, our travel thoughts post was about who was going to win the Masters and traveling around the world to golf tournaments such as the Masters.

Today's Tuesday Travel thoughts are not about alliteration (!!!!) but around golf travel personalities.

What sort of golf traveller are you? Are you one of the following?

Are you the open minded golf traveller who is keen to play wherever and whenever? A golf course is a golf course, of course!

Are you the more discerning kind of golf traveller and only the top ranked courses will suffice? 

Are you the goal orientated golf traveller who has a predetermined list of countries and courses that need to be played and all before a certain age?

Are you the golf and other activity type traveller? One day golf, the next day a scenic helicopter flight, then back to golf, then a day out on the ocean catching a big marlin, then back to golf, then a day long wine tour, then back to golf and so on?

Are you the adventurous golfing traveller, keen to play in the most extreme golf courses such as the most Southern golf course in the world in Ushuaia, Argentina , the longest golf course in the world, Nullabor Links in Australia or a midnight golf tournament in Iceland in the Arctic Open? 

Are you a golf tournament traveler, keen to just follow the professionals around the world as they play for money and glory?

Is there a golf travel personality we've missed? Whatever type of golf traveler you are, golf travel is what you want to do and love to experience.

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Have a wonderful Tuesday!