Another Monday is here which means we are now getting closer and closer to those typical wonderful days of a New Zealand summer with deep blue skies, white fluffy clouds and the green hues of the many golf courses here in New Zealand or around the world.

PGNZ is running a summer campaign called the "Premium Summer of Golf" which you can find out more about here. Come join us as we celebrate all things golf and golf travel related!

Where is your favourite golf course and will you be playing it this summer?

Where is your favourite golf course and will you be playing it this summer?

Are you keen for some golf travel? Here at PGNZ we offer a number of tours such as the following:

- premium golf tours to all golf regions and golf courses in New Zealand. See our standard packages here and our client testimonials here. While those packages are standard we work closely with our clients to offer bespoke customised packages such as a 6 week 18 course Learn and Play tour or a 21 day guided Premium Golf Tour of New Zealand.

- weekend golf tour getaway packages for golfing couples or groups that want to travel within New Zealand. See our selection here.

- bucket list type tours to the US Masters or The Open

- unique tours to a range of countries such as our Malaysia Golf Tour, our Wine & Golf tour to Argentina or our Golf Safari tour to East Africa. See our selection here.

We also offer a number of tours to different countries and regions that we showcase weekly in our blog. See the current list below:

Explore the vast continent of Australia 

Find out about Malaysia , Truly Asia!

Discover the pacific paradise of Fiji

Experience the fire and ice of Iceland

Embrace the culture, wine and golf in Argentina

Relax in style in Mauritius

Marvel at everything in Mexico

Bask in the sun on Hawaii

and indulge yourself in the opulence of Dubai

The world is your golf course! Would you like us to put together a tour of the 18 best golf courses in 18 different countries? Working with our partners around the world we are able to arrange your next premium golf tour to wherever you would like to go.