Golf Travel fits into two different spheres. You can travel to the traditional centres of the games such as to Scotland, the home of golf, and to the US, the home of the PGA Tour and where we find many of the world's top 100 golf courses.

The other sphere is the emergence of new golf travel destinations in different parts of the world such as New Zealand, Vietnam, Iceland, Argentina and South Africa. These countries offer superb golfing experiences that are often wrapped in unique travel and cultural experiences which enhance the tours.

Yesterday, we asked if you knew where the course in the photo below was located? If you guessed the Lucero Golf & Country Club in Panama then you were correct! Panama is fast emerging as a new golf travel destination.

Panama is a small country, but home to the famous Panama Canal and an increasingly excellent selection of golf courses that can be found at sea level in the cities or on beachfronts or in the mountains such as at the Lucero Golf and Country Club located in the Boquete Highlands.

An easy flight connection from a number of North or South American major airports, Panama not only has great golf courses but also modern high quality accommodation, transport, food and hospitality options befitting the discerning golf traveler.

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