Luxury Golf Travel Experiences in New Zealand

Luxury Golf Travel Experiences in New Zealand

Luxury views from the golf course

Luxury views from the golf course

Another beautiful Monday here in Auckland, New Zealand. The Aurora Australis have been lighting up the skies for the last two consecutive nights!

Over the weekend, we showcased an exciting luxury golf weekend getaway to the Great Lake Taupo region and on Sunday we looked at unique golfing experiences in Japan.

The Premium Golf Travel Lifestyle is a way to have some extraordinarily unique luxury experiences, especially here in New Zealand.

New Zealand is not only a golfers paradise with more than 400 courses to chose from, it is also a natural paradise with beautiful green landscapes that are open and sparsely populated. The mountains, forests, rivers and lakes and seas all give rise to an unspoiled land and viewing experience that is quite memorable. New Zealand air is fresh, clean and adds to the serenity of being outdoors.

World class cuisine prepared by award winning chefs can be found on menus, especially in the luxury lodges. The food is often very fresh as produce comes straight from the land. or the sea. New Zealand wines are world class so a bottle of sauvignon blanc or a an award winning pinot noir can almost always be found on the table!

Below is a list of luxury travel experiences that a number of our clients have added to their premium golf tours.

  • staying at luxury lodges that are ranked as some of the best in the world. For example!
  • scenic helicopter rides, heli-skiing, alpine helicopter rides to glaciers, even helifishing!
  • flyfishing for trout or salmon in beautiful remote New Zealand rivers
  • deep sea fishing for Big Game fish such as Marlin, snapper or tuna.
  • winery day tours and tastings
  • Maori cultural experiences 
  • Whale and dolphin watching experiences
  • Stargazing in New Zealand's very own International Dark Sky Reserve
  • Milford Sound overnight cruises
  • scenic luxury yacht cruises 
  • spa relaxation and rejuvenation stays

And finally it goes without saying but we do have some of the world's top 100 ranked golf courses in the world. 

All our standard premium golf tours which you can find here can be customised to meet your golf travel desires and any of the experiences listed above. Create a golf travel journey that you will remember for ever. 

    Sunday Reading and Golf Travel

    Sunday Reading and Golf Travel

    Greetings all golfers. We hope the weekend has been treating you well and you have been out on the course enjoying some quality golf time!

    It has been a busy week here at the PGNZ blog:

    Today is Sunday and today's reading is about Japan!

    Have you considered playing golf in Japan? With a number of major world sporting events coming up in Japan over the next few years, now is the time to consider a new premium golf travel experience to the Land of the Rising Sun. 

    CNN has an excellent article about golf in Japan which also acurrately depicts the nature of a golf outing in this amazing country.

    PGNZ has a number of Japan bound tours coming up over the next few years but we can arrange a customised and bespoke tour for you and your family and friends. Contact us now for further information.

    Have a great Sunday and next week in the PGNZ blog we will be looking more closely at the Premium Golf Travel Lifestyle and also begin to look at golf travel equipment.

    Weekend Golf Travel in New Zealand

    Weekend Golf Travel in New Zealand

    Saturday is here again! The 2017 Masters Games started last night here in Auckland with an impressive opening ceremony for the contestants at Eden Park.

    Golf is one of many sports being contested at the games. Akarana Golf Club, Muriwai Golf Club and Pakuranga Golf Club are the three courses for the preliminary rounds and the finals will be held at Remuera Golf Club.

    We showcased Muriwai Golf Club in our "Golf out West" weekend golf travel blog post which you can read here.

    Earlier this week, we alluded to this weekend's golf getaway. If you guessed Taupo then you are correct! A three and half hour drive from Auckland or an hour helicopter ride, the Great Lake Taupo region is this week's PGNZ golf getaway. If you want to see our list of other curated golf weekend getaways click here.

    Taupo is a beautiful township located on the shores of Lake Taupo, the largest lake in New Zealand. Famous for being the caldera of the Taupo Volcano, the lake and the surrounding area is a popular travel destination for its beautiful scenery such as mountains, rivers, forests and geothermal hot springs.

    Taupo also has one of New Zealand's highly world ranked golf courses - The Kinloch Club which is a Jack Nicklaus Signature course.

    When considering a stay and play package, our clients often stay at The Kinloch Club lodge and delight in its luxurious nature.

    Another excellent option for luxury accommodation in Taupo is Huka Lodge, which is consistently rated as being one of the top lodges of the world. Breathtaking accommodation in short.

    Close to Huka Lodge is another of New Zealand's marquee golf courses - Wairakei Golf + Sanctuary.

    One of the most unique golf courses in the world, Wairakei is where you will find golf and wildlife in harmony. Playing here is without a doubt one of the most unique golfing experiences, you'll find anywhere.

    This is one of our most exciting weekend getaways. Contact us now to book your PGNZ golf weekend getaway to Taupo.

    TGIF! Thank Golf It's Friday!

    Friday is here and it's time to think about the weekend and golf!

    Where will you be playing?

    Tomorrow we will showcase a new PGNZ Weekend Golf Getaway that we alluded to in a previous post. And on Sunday we will take a look at "Golf in Japan".

    Over the last three weeks we have been looking at a number of golf travel themes such as the reasons for travel, where to travel to, golf travel personalities, the premium golf travel lifestyle and golf weekend getaways.

    Today we are going to look at the different transport options on our premium golf packages here in New Zealand.

    For a lot of our clients, the self drive option is preferable. This builds flexibility into their itinerary and allows them to stop off at places along the way such as wineries or boutique cafes and eateries.

    For our clients who desire a guided tour we choose executive level vehicles such as a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van which allows them to travel in comfort and style, adding to the enjoyment of their premium golf tour.

    The Kinloch Club

    The Kinloch Club

    For those who seek absolute comfort we arrange helicopter transfers between courses and encourage our clients to do so for a number of reasons. New Zealand is a truly beautiful country with incredible landscapes and natural features. The best way to see and experience that is from the air. Flying by helicopter also allows more time to play the marquee golf courses a second time or to spend time enjoying other high end tourist activities such as fly fishing, hunting or winery visits.

    Enquire with us now to find out how you can enjoy a premium golf tour to New Zealand.

    Premium Golf Tours to New Zealand

    New Zealand is abuzz this week about an apparent VIP who is visiting Queenstown and in particular Arrowtown. According to media reports, "golf is on their itinerary".

    We can only speculate on who it could be....! However, we can very much verify that the golf in Queenstown & Arrowtown is of a quality worthy of a golfing VIP.

    In a previous blog posting we shared information about golf tours to Queenstown.

    Below is some information on the golf courses in and around Arrowtown.

    The Hills is New Zealand's most exclusive golf club and one of two marquee golf courses for the ISPS Handa New Zealand Open. The Hills exudes exclusivity, golfing elegance and a must visit for all discerning golf travelers or VIPs. The Lodge at The Hills is breathtaking accommodation.

    Millbrook Resort - the other of the two venues for the annual ISPS Handa New Zealand Open - is a marquee New Zealand golf course and offers a luxurious stay and play option for the golfing traveler. Known as an "Alpine Links" course, Millbrook offers a 27 hole golf experience that is second to none.

    Arrowtown Golf Course is a beautiful, picturesque and historic golf course that offers incredible views of the Remarkable ranges. 

    Interested in playing or staying at the above golf courses? Contact us now to arrange your premium golf tour.

    PGNZ Golf and Wine Tour

    We've reached the middle of the week, and to paraphrase a golfing term, we're on the "back 3" now headed for the weekend!

    Yesterday, we introduced five aspects of the Premium Golf Travel Lifestyle (PGTL) and will be exploring those more in depth over the next few weeks.

    Today we are going to look at a PGNZ golf tour here in New Zealand that is very much connected to the concept of "golf and wine". 

    New Zealand is blessed to have a number of distinct wine regions and with a golf course always nearby, the two complement each other nicely. In earlier postings we showcased the Matakana region as a golf and wine weekend getaway and Nelson as another destination where one can appreciate the opportunity to  get away for the weekend to "golf and wine".

    One of our standard New Zealand tour packages is the Central Plateau Golf and Wine Tour which starts off in Auckland, then to the Central Plateau region staying at The Kinloch Club or Huka Lodge followed by the tour finale at Cape Kidnappers in Hawkes Bay, a very popular wine region.

    The view at Cape Kidnappers

    The view at Cape Kidnappers

    The Hawkes Bay, located on the East Coast of New Zealand's North Island is a popular destination because of its bountiful sun, its bountiful wine and of course one of New Zealand's most famous marquee golf courses - Cape Kidnappers, ranked by Golf Digest as the 16th best course in the world.

    There are a number of famous and popular wineries in the region worth visiting including the historically important Misson Estate which was established in 1851 and Trinity Hill, an iconic New Zealand winery.

    One of the highlights of this golf and wine tour, after the amazing golf course and the fantastic wineries, is the opportunity to take a scenic helicopter or flight over the region to view the wineries and the beautiful landscapes. A very memorable experience.

    With the F.A.W.C Food and Wine Classic event series of food and wine experiences coming up June 9th to July 9th - this a good opportunity to book your PGNZ golf and wine tour. 

    Premium Golf Travel Lifestyle

    Where is this iconic lake in New Zealand?

    Where is this iconic lake in New Zealand?

    The long Easter weekend is over but that means there is now only four days until the weekend and our next curated "weekend golf getaway" showcase! Which part of New Zealand will we be showcasing....stay tuned!

    If you want to see a list of our curated weekend getaways, click here for more details.

    Yesterday we talked about upcoming golf tournaments and tours overseas and in New Zealand and also recapped on golf travel personalities.

    Today for our "Tuesday Travel Thoughts" we will begin to look at the premium golf travel lifestyle. Here are five aspects that we will introduce and begin to look at more closely in upcoming blog posts.

    - Passion for golf: As golfers we all know that golf is much more than just a sport, it is very much a way of life, an apt metaphor for life and all its trials and tribulations. We are passionate about developing our own game and we are passionate about watching golfing talent succeed. The premium golf lifestyle is driven by our passion for golf.

    - Desire for travel: Our home course and club is where we find most comfort in our golfing lives. Yet, through our discussions with other golfers, reading of magazines and online media, and watching amazing tournaments on TV we begin to seek the opportunity to play at other courses and see where the rest of the world plays their golf. It's an innate human desire to want to see what's on the other side of the hill - in this case a new golf course to get us excited and test our skill.

    The view from The Farm at Cape Kidnappers

    The view from The Farm at Cape Kidnappers

    - Relaxing in style and comfort: The modern world is a busy chaotic system and the day to day demands and pressures on our professional and personal lives can be stress-inducing. Golf travel is an excellent way to find that release, a sense of escapism and freedom. We need to relax in style and comfort in order to rejuvenate and recharge. Doing that at luxury lodges and golf resorts is a major factor in golf travel.

    - Opportunities: Travel, and by extension, golf travel, is great way to find out the new, those things you didn't know, the confirmation or denial of your assumptions and beliefs. Travel thus broadens the mind and helps us to see the world differently. From that comes the opportunities to meet new people, have unique experiences, try new cuisine and wine and more importantly the opportunity to play golf in some incredibly amazing destinations.

    - Quality time with family and friends: What better way to spend quality time with loved ones and close friends while traveling the world playing and staying at highly ranked golf resorts and lodges.

    Over the next couple of weeks we will look more closely at these aspects  of the premium golf travel lifestyle.

    If you are interested in a premium golf tour to New Zealand or around the world, enquire now on how we can enhance your golf travel lifestyle.

    Golf Travel and Tournaments

    In a previous blog posting we asked our readers to consider what sort of "golf travel personality" they carry around with them on their travels. Here is a recap:

    • The open-minded golf traveler
    • The discerning golf traveler
    • The goal orientated golf traveler
    • The golf with other stuff type traveler
    • The adventurous golf traveler

    Which one are you? Perhaps you're a combination of two or more?

    Do you prefer a cart or to walk the course?

    Do you prefer a cart or to walk the course?

    The one thing in common though is that all golf travelers are traveling somewhere to play golf!

    We have a number of upcoming tours that are a perfect reason to embark on some golf travel.

    Upcoming in New Zealand, as we have mentioned in previous postings, are the following tournaments which could be included as part of your "once-in-a-lifetime" golf tour to New Zealand

    Perhaps you are the more adventurous type of golfer. How about attending or playing in the following tournaments or organising a group to play a round at some of the world's most unique and fascinating golf courses?!

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    Choose your PGNZ Golf Tour

    Sunday Reading and Golf Travel

    Is the sun out where you are? It's a lovely sunny Autumn Sunday here in Auckland!

    Yesterday we talked about another sunny destination, Nelson. Enquire with us now if you are interested in a PGNZ golf tour to this beautiful region.

    Last week, we shared a document from the RandA about world golf travel and in one of our earlier posts from this month, we encouraged our readers to think about considering different destinations around the world.

    New Zealand is a golfing destination that appeals highly to the discerning golfing traveller. Exclusivity and privacy can be combined with unique luxurious experiences that allow you to savor some truly wonderful experiences.

    Today's reading is courtesy of the website which has ranked the top 50 golf courses of New Zealand

    Each of the courses listed offers a purely natural golfing experience, where you will experience quality golf and nature at its best. Whether it is a dramatic coastal links course or inland Parklands style course or a championship marquee course, they all deliver on that level of being a unique golfing experience.

    Come visit New Zealand and see for yourself....





    Weekend golf travel in New Zealand

    Weekend golf travel in New Zealand

    It's Saturday and time to curate another luxury PGNZ weekend golf getaway!

    We have previously showcased different regions of Auckland and yesterday we talked about Queenstown as a must visit golf destination but today we are going to focus on another region in the South Island.

    Winery in Nelson

    Winery in Nelson

    Nelson is famous in New Zealand for being one of the sunniest areas of the country which means that it is a perfect place to play golf and a perfect place to spend a luxurious weekend with your family and friends. Boasting a number of wineries, art galleries, beaches and beautiful scenery best viewed on a scenic drive or flight, Nelson is the perfect golf weekend getaway.

    Flying into Nelson is a breeze with more than 10 flights everyday from Auckland alone. You can also fly in via helicopter or charter plane. (our preferred option). Nelson delivers luxury accommodation experiences with three very high quality lodges - The Westhaven Retreat, Split Apple and Eden House .

    Nelson offers a fantastic golfing experience. The region has several quality golf courses that have been ranked in leading golf magazines and worth playing:

    Nelson Golf Club is a links golf course with some stunning views across the Tasman Bay. View the course guide here to see how this course has been designed and provides a superb golfing experience.

    Greenacres Golf Club is "the Best Island Golf Course in Nelson New Zealand". Situated on Best Island in Richmond, on the outskirts of Nelson City, Greenacres is a beautiful links style course and one worth playing. They also offer coaching and an excellent venue to work on some golf improvement.

    Nelson is a wonderful region to visit - see the video below.  Include Nelson as part of our South Island tour as a wonderful way to begin your PGNZ golf tour.

    NZ Golf Tours to Queenstown

    It's Easter here in New Zealand and a time to reflect on the first three months of a busy year.

    There have been some great tournaments around the world. The recent US Masters tournament was particularly enjoyable to watch. In terms of golf tournaments here in New Zealand, the ISPS Handa New Zealand Open was held March 9th - 12th  at the beautiful Millbrook Resort and The Hills marquee golf courses in Queenstown. 

    Queenstown is without a doubt the jewel in New Zealand golfing regions and a must visit on any PGNZ golf tour to New Zealand. There are three marvellous golf courses - Millbrook Resort, The Hills and Jacks Point - that are absolute must plays! 

    Jacks Point

    Jacks Point

    Find out more about our South Island tours to Queenstown and contact us arrange your tour today. Read a testimonial from our clients who have visited Queenstown.

    View the videos below to see the excitement of this fantastic golfing destination!

    New Zealand Golf Tour Experiences

    Last week on Thursday we talked about some of the reasons and motivations for golf travel. 

    In New Zealand, there are a number of golf destinations on our golf tours that allow you to marvel, get excited, dare to experience, relax and really savor your time here.

    Kauri Cliffs

    Kauri Cliffs

    Yesterday we shared some information about our popular Great Northland Kauri Cliffs Tour and today we would like to share a bit more about Kauri Cliffs. 

    As New Zealand's premier luxury destination, Kauri Cliffs is a truly unique place where you can stay in a world class luxury lodge and treat yourself to a number of experiences. The property is located on 6000 acres of fertile New Zealand farmland and the views out over the Pacific Ocean are truly marvellous. The golf course gets any golfer excited and every hole remains in your golfing memory for many years.

    The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs

    The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs

    After an exciting round of golf, the luxury spa is an ideal way to slip into relaxation mode and begin savoring the Kauri Cliffs experience. The suites, including the Owners cottage are truly luxurious and easily exceed the requirements of the discerning traveller.

    View the videos below to see the luxury nature of Kauri Cliffs and some of the experience on offer. A definite must visit for any golf traveller!



    PGNZ Golf Tour New Zealand

    Here at PGNZ we like to work with our clients to curate itineraries for them suited to their tastes, desires and needs.

    However we also offer four standard golf travel packages which you can view here. Today we will be talking about one that has been quite popular for our clients and this is the "Great Northland Kauri Cliffs" tour.

    This tour starts off in Auckland, New Zealand's largest city. Situated on an isthmus Auckland is a large cosmopolitan area with a number of golf courses including two of New Zealand's most famous marquee golf courses - Titirangi Golf Club (New Zealand's only Dr Alister McKenzie designed golf course) and Gulf Harbour Country Club, a championship course in the upper north region of the city.

    Windross Farm is a new marquee course located in the southeast of the city and will be the venue for the upcoming McKayson New Zealand Women's Open on September 28th - October 1st.

    View of Auckland from Waiheke Island

    View of Auckland from Waiheke Island

    We like to include a day trip to Waiheke Island, one of the world's best island getaway destinations. There is a fun little golf course that can be played but we encourage our clients to enjoy a day of wine and relaxation. Some of our favourite vineyard and restaurant wineries included Mudbrick and Cable Bay.

    After 3-4 days in Auckland enjoying the wine and playing the above three marquee courses and  while staying at either the Hilton, the Pullman or the Langham, it is time to get into a helicopter and fly north over beautiful New Zealand pastureland and forest blocks, along the coastline and land at New Zealand's premier golfing destination, Kauri Cliffs.


    Watch the video below to learn more about Kauri Cliffs and what you can experience on this incredible property.

    To truly appreciate Kauri Cliffs we encourage a multiday star in order to have a premium experience that will marvel, excite, and allow you to relax and savor.

    Tuesday Travel Thoughts!

    ¡Felicitaciones! Congratulations to Sergio Garcia for his tremendous win at the US Masters yesterday! He thoroughly deserves it and so fitting that it happened on what would have been the sixtieth birthday of the great Seve Ballesteros! A special day for Spanish golf!

    Last week on Tuesday, our travel thoughts post was about who was going to win the Masters and traveling around the world to golf tournaments such as the Masters.

    Today's Tuesday Travel thoughts are not about alliteration (!!!!) but around golf travel personalities.

    What sort of golf traveller are you? Are you one of the following?

    Are you the open minded golf traveller who is keen to play wherever and whenever? A golf course is a golf course, of course!

    Are you the more discerning kind of golf traveller and only the top ranked courses will suffice? 

    Are you the goal orientated golf traveller who has a predetermined list of countries and courses that need to be played and all before a certain age?

    Are you the golf and other activity type traveller? One day golf, the next day a scenic helicopter flight, then back to golf, then a day out on the ocean catching a big marlin, then back to golf, then a day long wine tour, then back to golf and so on?

    Are you the adventurous golfing traveller, keen to play in the most extreme golf courses such as the most Southern golf course in the world in Ushuaia, Argentina , the longest golf course in the world, Nullabor Links in Australia or a midnight golf tournament in Iceland in the Arctic Open? 

    Are you a golf tournament traveler, keen to just follow the professionals around the world as they play for money and glory?

    Is there a golf travel personality we've missed? Whatever type of golf traveler you are, golf travel is what you want to do and love to experience.

    Enquire now to see how we can help you to achieve your golf travel dreams!

    Have a wonderful Tuesday!


    Golf Travel & Tournaments

    Monday is here and another week ahead of us. With the time difference it is still Sunday in the United States where the final round of the US Masters is taking place. It has been a great tournament and one we are very much looking forward to visiting next year. If you are interested in joining us next year contact us.

    Talking of golf tournaments, two weeks ago we blogged about upcoming premier golfing tournaments in New Zealand. If you would like to include these events as part of a premium golf tour to New Zealand, enquire with us now.

    • September 28-October 1 - The McKayson New Zealand Womens Open at Windross Farm
    • October 26th - 28th - The Asia Amateur Pacific Championship at Royal Wellington
    • March 1-4th 2018 - ISPS Handa New Zealand Open at Millbrook & The Hills

    Are you a Kiwi golfer interested in attending tournaments in other countries? Yesterday we talked about the TPC network of golf courses where PGA tour events are held. One such event is the Players Championship coming up on May 11-14 at TPC Sawgrass.


    Through our network of IAGTO golf travel agencies, we are able to arrange tours for upcoming tournaments in a number of destinations. It's your choice - "the world is your teebox" !

    As we begin to get into Autumn now in New Zealand, the change of seasons also signifies a change in the tourist season and many play and stay destinations here are offering non-peak rates which, if you have the time, makes it an ideal time to travel here.

    Feel free to check out our Instagram page which has a number of images showcasing the beauty of New Zealand's golf courses.

    Have a great start to the week.

    Sunday Reading & Worldwide Golf Travel

    Another Sunday here in New Zealand rolls by, but that also means that the third round of the 2017 US Masters has been completed! Have you been watching? The drama, the excitement and the "anything-could-happen" type nature of golf makes for great viewing. Who will win? We will have to wait until tomorrow to find out.  

    We can't wait to be there next year on our PGNZ US Masters Tour!

    This past week in our blog we have been looking at the following:

    1. Weekend golf excursions
    2. New Zealand golf and wine tours
    3. Reasons for golf travel
    4. Where around the world you can play golf
    5. Playing golf in New Zealand

    Do you notice any common themes? Golf is such a good reason to travel because there is so much choice all around the world. Today's reading comes from the R&A and their Golf Around the World report from 2015. The game of golf is expanding and developing in all four corners of the globe which highlights the demand for golf travel.

    Cape Kidnappers, one of New Zealand's most famous marquee golf courses gets a mention and a picture in the report. 

    With unique cultures, people, landscapes and experiences, a myriad of countries on different continents offer quality premium golf experiences. It is our mission to help you, the golfing traveler, visit the finest selection around the world and to be able to savor memorable golf travel experiences.

    Recently, while helping some of our outbound New Zealand golfing clients, we have been looking at the TPC network of golf courses in the US which are PGA tour approved destinations. Check out the map of the courses here.

    One that did stand out for us, and probably because it is a bit closer to home (New Zealand) was TPC Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.

    Watching the video below, its hard to not get excited about the possibility of visiting there. Would you like to play there? Would you like to go with your fellow golfing friends of family? Would you like to experience something new? Contact us now to discuss a tour to Malaysia. 

    Happy Sunday golfing, reading and thinking about worldwide golf travel! The world is your tee box!

    Weekend Golf Travel in New Zealand

    The weekend is here! Time for golf, both on the course and on television!

    Have you been watching the second round of the US Masters! Great viewing as players move up (and down) the leaderboard. We are looking forward to seeing the action live next year on our 2018 PGNZ US Masters tour. If you are interested in attending or would like to take a group of fellow golfers to this iconic tournament, contact us today.

    Every Saturday we like to embark on some golf travel in New Zealand and curate fun little weekend getaways for our clients. Yesterday, we talked about golf and wine tours and a tour to Matakana. This is a good example of a weekend golf travel option heading north from Auckland.

    Another option from Auckland is to head west from the Central CBD and visit the rugged west coast looking out across the Tasman sea towards Australia.

    With the option of staying in luxury boutique accommodation, such as the Waitakere Estate, a golfing weekend in west Auckland is good value, fun and an enjoyable experience. This sort of weekend could suit a golfing couple keen to spend quality time together on or off the course!

    There are a number of golf courses to choose from but we'll showcase three.

    The Waitakere Golf Club is located right in the heart of the Waitakere Ranges, nestled amongst native bush and like many other courses in New Zealand, offers a beautiful serene peaceful golfing experience. With history back to the 19th century, it is a unique golfing venue. A short course (5140 metres) this is a perfect course for a weekend getaway.

    Muriwai Golf Club is an 18 hole championship golf course located in Muriwai on the West Coast. A lovely scenic 40 minute drive from the Waitakere Estate, this course offers dramatic coastal views and a true golf links experience. An absolute must play on a weekend golf getaway.

    Titirangi Golf Club is one of New Zealand's most famous marquee golf courses, the only Dr Alister McKenzie designed golf course in New Zealand. This course is a true test of ones golfing ability. 





    New Zealand Golf & Wine Tours

    Kia ora!* 

    The week is flying by! Are you following the US Masters? We are and it's very fitting to see the tournament being dedicated to honoring "The King" Arnold Palmer.

    As we near the weekend and no doubt a thrilling climax to the Masters tournament, we've been busy helping new clients and their desired golf travel itineraries around New Zealand.

    In our previous post, we talked about the "why" for golf travel and today we will talk a little bit about the "where" and "how". 

    Gulf Harbour Country Club

    Gulf Harbour Country Club

    New Zealand as a golfing destination offers over 400 golf courses which makes it second to Scotland in having the most golf courses per capita. In a naturally beautiful country such as New Zealand, these many golf courses are the best place to marvel at the scenic views and get excited about spending time in a unique country.

    The top courses in New Zealand that are regularly ranked  in the world rankings are known as marquee courses. Read more about New Zealand's marquee golf courses here. Similar courses in this category are "experience courses" which though not as prominent as the marquee courses still offer fantastic golf, fantastic views and of course a fantastic experience. Read more about New Zealand's golf architecture here. 

    What other interests do you have? If you are a wine connosieur, then there are a number of golf courses in New Zealand's wine producing regions that would suit a customised golf and wine tour.

    For example just north of Auckland is Matakana, a popular getaway destination and wine region offering a number of wineries, boutique luxury accommodation, artisan produce, beaches, nature walks, festivals and events. View the video below from Visit Auckland about the Matakana Coast and region.

    Surrounding this region is a number of golf courses worth visiting.

    Omaha Beach Golf Club is a "hidden gem" experience golf course located in Matakana on the coast. A links style course, it offers a classic New Zealand golfing experience with beautiful native Totara, Pohutikawa, Manuka and Kahikitea trees all adding to natural beauty of the course.

    Warkworth Golf Club is a wonderful country golf club located right in the middle of the Matakana wine region. One of the oldest clubs in New Zealand, it is steeped in history and is well worth a visit to understand local New Zealand golfing culture.

    Gulf Harbour Country Club on the way back into Auckland from a multi-day trip to Matakana, is a championship New Zealand marquee golf course with stunning views on the back nine that look out over the Pacific. 

    If you are interested in booking a PGNZ Golf and Wine Tour to Matakana or other wine producing regions in New Zealand, contact us today and we will put together a package for you. We can arrange all transport whether you want to drive, be driven or fly to Matakana in an helicopter!

    Name *

    Why travel? Why golf travel?

    The road to a new golfing experience! 

    The road to a new golfing experience! 

    Travel means different things to different people. For some it means getting out of one's comfort zone and experiencing the opposite of what they know, understand and think. For others it is a welcome release from the pressures of modern society.

    Travel, in our humble opinion, is about enrichening one's life through new experiences.

    It is about the opportunity to do five things:

    Marveling at the "midnight sun" while playing night golf in Iceland. How about entering the Arctic Open?

    Marveling at the "midnight sun" while playing night golf in Iceland. How about entering the Arctic Open?

    1.) to marvel at new places, incredible human endeavours or events such as the US Masters now underway at Augusta National.

    2.) to get excited about new experiences that invoke our senses and thoughts

    3.) to dare oneself to try something new - a new activity, thrill or a new food or local custom

    4.) to relax and let go of the day-to-day pressures and stresses that come from working and daily life

    Getting excited about those stunning New Zealand views  

    Getting excited about those stunning New Zealand views


    5.) to savor the new experiences and the memories created by all of the above!

    Golf travel is all of the above as well but with the added bonus of playing the sport that we all love. 

    When embarking on a PGNZ golf tour...

    1.) You get the chance to marvel at some incredible courses here in New Zealand or around the world. 

    How about daring yourself to a golfing safari under the snows of Mt Kilimanjaro?

    How about daring yourself to a golfing safari under the snows of Mt Kilimanjaro?

    2.) You get to be excited about playing golf on courses that everyone talks about and a round on these courses allows you to experience the something new.

    3.) you dare to venture to a new country and experience a different culture and people, and more importantly golf in a different natural setting - How about playing golf in a geothermal field?

    4.) you get to relax in luxury lodges and resorts that offer premium service and 5 star accommodation. See the video below for example


    5.) you get to savor a travel journey with your family and friends and create memories that will last with you for many a year.

    (Talking of things in five, do you know where this Par 5 is in the world?)


    So how about a golf tour in order to not only play incredible golf on incredible courses, but also the chance to marvel, be excited, do something new (daring!) and spend valuable time relaxing in style and savoring these opportunities.



    Playing golf around the world

    All golfing eyes are now beginning to be focused on Augusta. Four exciting days ahead of us!

    Here in New Zealand, we have just bid farewell to four clients from Australia who undertook a North Island tour visiting Kauri Cliffs, The Kinloch Club and Cape Kidnappers. They had a marvellous time and we look forward to welcoming them back to New Zealand again.

    In a previous blog post, we talked about the opportunities to play golf around the world. When it comes to playing golf, the world really is your oyster.

    You can go watch one of the Majors or you can attend a national golf open or you can visit a country that you don't know a lot about and most likely you will find a quality golf course that you can play. Check out several destinations we offer tours to on our World Golf Tours page.

    Golf Digest has a "World's 100 Greatest Courses" ranking for 2016-2017. How many of these courses have you played or would you like to play?

    Cape Kidnappers is ranked 16th.

    Interested in playing Cape Kidnappers? Get in contact with us and we will gladly put together a tour for you.

    Finally where is this Par 5? Let us know and if you are one of the first five to guess correctly we will send you a complimentary set of PGNZ branded golf balls!