Our story is a uniquely global New Zealand story that started many years ago when Linton, our chief travel director, avid golfer, languages expert and travel enthusiast visited Kauri Cliffs. The round that day was slow not because of "poor play", but because of the stunning views and the enchantment of this immaculate golf course. Standing at the top of the property on the 15th by the Kauri Tree stump, Linton was struck by the crystal blues of the Pacific Ocean, the familiar greens of the fairways and the icecream whites of the clouds as they floated by.


Thinking of golfers he had met around the world in Australia, the US, the UK, Argentina, Japan, China and other places who had expressed a great desire to travel to "beautiful New Zealand", the genesis of a luxury golf tourism company was born!

Today we welcome golf visitors from around the world, the majority of them travelling to New Zealand between October and April, the optimal Spring and Summer months. During the "off season" when the strains of winter lessens the desire to be out on the course, we offer standard and bespoke packages around the world to our fellow Kiwi visitors

We also run several golf travel related events, including our "golf, dinner and pub quiz" events, the World Amateur Golfers Championship New Zealand Finals, the Premium Cup, our annual strokeplay showcase amateur tournament and our end of year 4 or 5 day Summer Series! All these events are designed around golf travel and experiencing new golf courses, countries and all the travel activities associated with those destinations.


We are a proudly Kiwi owned and operated business, deeply committed to growing the game and allowing all golfing fans the opportunities to travel and give back to the sport that we all love and enjoy. Leveraging our many years of experience, skills and knowledge within the golf and travel industries, we are expert golf tour planners who seek to work with our valuable clients, to curate exceptional itineraries and provide a premium level of service.

Read our company profile here and come join us this year in New Zealand, the golf destination of the year,  as we celebrate all things golf related!

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