Our Commitment to Growing the Game

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Golfer to golfer

Building our golf community

PGNZ is committed to growing the game for future generations. The world is changing but the enjoyment of golf will always be the same. We are committed to making golf a more accessible sport for people from all walks of life, promote the sport and golf travel as an excellent health and lifestyle choice and build sustainable and exciting career pathways for our young golfers or travel professionals.

Preparing for the future

Recent reports have suggested that due to a number of factors golf membership and participation is declining. In many ways, our modern life of 24 hour connectedness, digital saturation and competing demands for our attention may be some of the contributing reasons. Here at PGNZ we see these as enablers and determined to use them to promote golf and the many benefits of being an avid golfer

Providing Opportunity

In order to grow the game, the whole golf industry needs to build on the existing opportunities for new players and fans to experience and enjoy. We need to work together to lower barriers and make the game and golf destinations more accessible. Here at PGNZ we are committed to innovative thinking and providing new paths of accessibility. We are not afraid to flip the model, think outside the box and provide new and unique ways for interested people to start traveling and playing the game.


Giving Back

PGNZ is committed to being part of the collective responsbility from all sectors in the golf world to ensure that the sport remains strong and popular.

PGNZ is committed to giving back a share of its profits towards sustainable activities and initiatives and chartiable work that allows the game to grow.

PGNZ is committed to sponsorship and being a strategic partner of key organisations and groups that operate ethically and with the mission of growing the game.

Sustainable "volunteer golf tourism"

Golf is played in all countries around the world including many economically developing countries where the cost of playing is prohibitive for a large share of the population.

As a golf travel company, we are committed to proving opportunities for golfers to travel to other countries and engage in sustainable volunteer golf tourism. These tours are about building friendships, working relationships and opening doors for those young golfers keen to use golf as a pathway to achievement, success and prosperity.