New Zealand is one of the most unique and beautiful countries on the planet. It also offers an wide range of unique, scintillating and memorable experiences and activities.

For a golfer there are over 400 courses to choose from! 

Watch the videos below to experience New Zealand's beautiful golf courses of nature.

Need more reasons to visit New Zealand on a premium golf tour? Then how about......



New Zealand has more golf courses than you can shake a 3 iron at which makes it one of the best golf destinations in the world.

Golf in New Zealand is a great opportunity to play on great courses in a great country with great people! Three ticks!



New Zealand is often described as being an untouched natural paradise, a pure land of greens, blues and whites.

Wherever you go there will be a golf course, and wherever you go there will be a beautiful natural setting.

The Golf course VIEWs are world class.

The views are always amazing and with so many courses in strategic locations next to the sea or under the mountains, looking at all these views makes the journey to New Zealand all the worthwhile.

These sort of views will remain in your memory forever.